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Name:David Nolan/Prince Charmlng (Once Upon a Time)
Birthdate:Jan 3
Location:Maine, United States of America

one man, two stories
James, also known as Prince Charming, was born as twins. However, his family gave his brother away to the King and Queen so they could have a child. When “James” is an adult, his brother dies, and his family is called upon again. James is asked to take his brother’s place, and is offered a large sum of money. He finally agrees, and prepares himself to take his brother place, and marry King Midas’ daughter. However, he meets Snow White when she steals the engagement ring he had given his fiancée. The two eventually fall in love, marry and have a daughter. However, Snow’s stepmother, the evil Queen, wants all of them dead. In a last ditch plan, he hides his daughter in a magical wardrobe right before the Evil Queen pulls all of them to Earth.

Once on Earth, he becomes known as David Nolan. He spends a few months in a coma, and awakes with no memory of his life. Regina (aka the Evil Queen) has a woman say they were in love. However, David doesn’t remember it, and finds himself attracted to Mary, who was his Snow White in Happily Ever After.

Disclaimer: Mun, muse and PB are all over the age of 18. David Nolan/Prince Charming belongs to those who wrote the fairytales, along with the writers/creators of Once Upon a Time.


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